We have 7 kittens to choose from. More pictures  and info are coming soon as this website is a work in progress. Prices are $800 and up and are based on color, size, and demand. 

We guarantee that you will be adopting one of the friendliest, most loving kittens you will ever find. 

If you know of someone who says, " I don't like cats ", well, they have never met one of ours. 


We are now accepting $200 deposits on these babies 
They will be ready in 1 to 3 weeks depending on the kitten you choose. 
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Sea Ya is a female, brown mackeral tabby. Being the first born, she is the leader of the pack and loves to talk to get your attention. Just look at her? This floof is stunning with that coat and big, round eyes that look like marbles
Available $1100
Sayonara is a handsome blue mackeral tabby that enjoys being the only male in the litter as well as leader of the pack. He is like a little bulldozer in the playpen
Available for $800

Simba is a female, brown patched tabby and white. She is sometimes confused with her sister, but we can tell them apart by her mellow personality
Available for $1200
Chaio is a female, brown pateched tabby with a very inquisitive (nosey) personality. She is always in the mix of things, but smart enough to stay back and observe


Tootle is the tiniest of the bunch. Although she is a brown tabby, she has the cutest leopard spots on her tummy that make it almost impossible to not kiss​
Adopted by Katharina 


Zazu is a tiny silver mackeral tabby. She is naturally born small and not the made up breed of "teacup" Being small, she is a bit spolied and loves to be carried around.
Adopted by Susan
Puumba is a one of a kind little guy. His face is adorable and we cant resist it. He has his very own beauty mark to show the world how amazing he is. this Black and White Bicolor is the first of his kind born here at PawwPadds
Available for $1200
This is Nala, the sweetest little girl ever. She is roly, poly and waddles when she walks. You will often find her with a milk face
​Available for $1200​​
Say hello to Rafiki. He is the spittin' image of his Daddy. Will definitely be a gorgeous boy as an adult with that RARE blue smoke coat of his that will change colors with the seasons.  
Available for $1300


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