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We wanted to give you a little glimpse into the other big part of our lives, our rescue babies. We love them just as much as we do our Persian babies. Meet them all below. 
We found each and every one of our pets below living a miserable life stuck in a cage. The plight of these babies are why we decided to do more than adopt pets in need. We are very excited to start with the feral cat and kitten program. We found a colony of about 25 cats and  many kittens. Our plans are to TNR (trap, neuter, and release) the adults that were born in the wild or have been without human contact for so long that they are unadoptable. At least we can vaccinate and neuter them so they will not produce any more homeless kittens. We will adopt out the babies and hopefully find some friendly adults to get off of the streets forever. We would love to round up all of the senior cats who have been on the streets for years. 

So, please don't take offense if we ask a lot of questions to determine if you are right for one of our Persian babies. We must make sure that you want a pet in your life forever. If they ended up in a shelter we would be devestated. We do understand that life happens and some circumstances do a rise. If that ever happens,  please know that we will always take our kittens back no matter what their age with no questions asked. 

Our Home
After a long day of kitty care and play, we like to walk out our back door and just sit still. Our cats love to lounge on the window panes and watch the birds, ducks and an occasional alligator swim buy. Us humans just enjoy relaxing with our feet in the water and listening to the quiet. 

  Kryptky a.k.a Big Boy

This beautiful boy is my daughters pride and joy. She would not leave us alone until we agreed to let her take him out of that nasty cage and become his new mommy. She was only 10 years old when he became her very best friend. Through thick and thin, they were always there for each other, always together. Now, 7 years later, they still are.  


Meet our beautiful little girl Haze who is a dilute calico.  She came into our lives when she was less then a month old. So tiny and needy-we fell in love. She is all grown up now, and at 4 years old, we could not imagine her not being in our family. 


This is the only pup at our house. She was rescued from OCAS about 6 years ago. Being a dalmation mix, she never slows down or runs out of energy. We wouldnt have her any other way. She is so full of love and licks. 


Our very first Persian ever!  This little nugget is who made us love the Persian breed. He is a senior boy who is not real active any more, buy he still loves his stuffed toys (see photo below). Mac is a big baby and spoiled rotten.